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Family Care Ministry

Our purpose is to minister to those in need during illness, bereavement, job loss or any time when burdens are just not bearable alone. By prayer, calling on God, and the support of the body of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to stand alongside you. If you have a need or are interested in volunteering for this ministry, contact our church office


Family counseling is available from any of our pastors. Each has had courses on family and personal counseling and would be glad to help you. Our counseling is all Bible based. We offer pre-marital and marriage counseling. We also work        one-on-one as time allows. Simply call and make an appointment with the church office
Counseling is free for people in our church.

Hospital and Home Visits

We would like to encourage you if you are a church member or attendee. If you would like to request a hospital or home visit, please contact the church office.