Distance and Connection

I am typing this as I sit in a Boeing 787. It’s amazing that as I am in the air over the East Coast and getting ready to fly over the North Atlantic that I can send this post out for your perusal. Technology allows us to do so much. Today, I have sent pictures to my family, had conversations about church matters, and even reviewed my son’s creative writing paper.

Yet, as much of a blessing it is to have this connectivity, it’s not a substitute for in-person interaction. I love being able wish Jennifer a happy birthday tomorrow (Sunday). It’s a poor substitute for being there and saying it with a hug and being able to celebrate with her and the family. Technology has limits.

It’s similar to our relationship with Christ and His Church. As much as I’m looking forward to taking in the livestream tomorrow, it won’t be anywhere near as rich an experience as singing with you, praying with you, shaking your hands, hearing your voices. We can keep up connections to a degree, but we are limited.

Jesus has given us a Comforter. He’s real, and the Spirit ministers in significant ways. We have the Word, which gives us clear directions from God Himself. That doesn’t negate the superior experience we long for… He has promised that He is coming again, and that where Jesus is is where we will one day be. We are grateful for what we have, but as Paul says, to be with Christ is “far better.”

I want to see my wife, my children, my brothers and sisters at Calvary. But this longing makes me realize that I long for Someone else even more.

I stretch out my hands to you;
    my soul thirsts for you like a parched land. 

Psalm 143:6