Reflections on RBM Council Meetings

Dinner conversation at our 2023 Council of 18 Meetings

For the last 4 years now, I’ve had the privilege to serve on the Council of 18 of our church’s association. Regular Baptist Ministries has certainly seen higher peaks in its 90 year history than where it is today, but it is still a place where I feel most “at home,” doctrinally and otherwise. These are “my people.” It’s a joy to work with this group of men and see their commitment to Scripture and doctrine. They believe in the centrality of the local church and its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

At the moment, we are facing many important decisions. We are working through consideration of new leadership, after Mike Hess’ tenure as our National Representative ended unexpectedly around this time last year. How to better engage with and serve Regular Baptist congregations remains a constant priority. But what encouraged me was hearing fellow council members talk about their vision for mobilizing churches to help churches. We have ministries we partner with, agencies that help with tools… but there was recognition that we must have healthy congregations helping struggling congregations more than parachurch ministries coaching individuals if we are going to be truly useful as a network… we must not allow our Independence become a hindrance to being Interdependent.

I’m excited for the future. We are considering some organizational changes, ones I believe when implemented will help our staff and personnel be more efficient in their duties. I’m thankful for the work David Strope, a long-time pastor and former Council chairman has done in the role of Interim NR over this last year.

Pray for our fellowship: both our churches and their pastors and the personnel who faithfully serve in the ministries of RBP, Chaplaincy, Generate (our planting and revitalization efforts), and International Partnerships. I believe we have better days ahead, but only as we are faithful to the Word and the task Christ has given to His churches.