Change of Pace

We traveled today to Gbargna (pronounced “bahn-gah”), which is in Bong county in northeastern Liberia. Our journey was about 121 miles We left about 7 AM and arrived after 2 PM, making several stops along the way… some planned, like a stop for souvenirs, grabbing a soft drink, a drop off of a child for […]

New Relationships

One expected outcome of this trip was making new friendships What I didn’t expect, I suppose, was the degree of similarities I would share with my Liberian brothers. They are quite resourceful, which you would expect in such an economically deprived country. But these men are also very persistent, and the leadership of their Associations […]

The AFBM and the Legacy of Regular Baptist Missionaries 

I am in Liberia this week as a guest of the African Fundamental Baptist Mission (in the process of changing to African Independent Baptist Mission). I have the privilege of being the keynote speaker for their annual conference. This group traces its roots to churches that were started by the work of Baptist Mid- Missions […]

Distance and Connection

I am typing this as I sit in a Boeing 787. It’s amazing that as I am in the air over the East Coast and getting ready to fly over the North Atlantic that I can send this post out for your perusal. Technology allows us to do so much. Today, I have sent pictures […]